Superior Landscaping, Lawn Care, and Hardscaping in Temecula, Murrieta, and Menifee, CA.

Our Mission

Here at Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction, we believe that our industry could use more professionalism! As a locally-owned, family-operated company, our mission is to improve our community one project at a time, with high-quality services. We want to give our clients a professional, positive experience that is stress-free. Honesty and integrity are the core values we focus on as a company. These values are present in every interaction we have with our clients.

What can we do for your property?

Here at Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction, we offer a range of top-notch services. These include:

  • Landscaping designs, installations, and maintenance
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Lawn care
  • Sod installations
  • Irrigation installations, repairs, and maintenance
  • Hardscaping (Patios, driveway extensions, concrete curbing, fire pits, walkways, flatwork, retaining walls, and more!)
  • Landscape Lighting

Who’s the boss?

Please do not get too excited. It is not Tony Danza. It is a man by the name of Jeff Ruff. In this industry, he is better than Tony Danza! Jeff is a Southern Cali man, born and raised. He has been in the industry for seven years, and he has gained a lot of experience in that time. This has helped him get professional results that speak for themselves! He is the kind of guy that loves to fix things in the little bit of free time he has left after running his company and spending time with his family. In that spare time, he actually landscapes for fun too! Let’s type that again. Jeff Ruff landscapes for fun! He actually founded this company because he wanted to take his love for landscaping and repairs to the next level. He takes pride in bringing valuable, high-quality services to his local community that he loves so much! When he isn’t landscaping for work or fun, he also enjoys spending time with his wife and son to travel up to the mountains.

Jeff is proud to own a locally family-operated business. He runs his business and hires staff that share his same values and passion for the industry. That is why Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction offers outstanding customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our staff has a true skill and an eye for the details. We are confident in the work we put into each and every project!

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We appreciate our customers and want to give back, especially to those who have sacrificed for us! for this reason, we offer military and veteran discounts, as well as free estimates. If complete services are done, we will offer perks such as a free first cut on your freshly installed sod or free maintenance with your new landscape installation.

Job too tuff? Call Ruff! Your free estimate is waiting for you!

Superior Landscaping, Lawn Care, and Hardscaping Services in Temecula, Murrieta, and Menifee, CA

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