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What is included in our patio service?

Here at Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction, we offer our clients a comprehensive patio service to upgrade their outdoor living space’s style and function. We deliver high-quality patio designs, builds, and installations. Our team also takes time aside to show you how to care for and clean your patio. We carefully consider the patio’s proper placement to get the optimal view and function from the project. Before beginning, we also extensively review all the different style options we have to offer. The Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction team also does repairs and break downs if that is required. 

What are the benefits of having a patio?

Once you install or upgrade your patio, you will probably spend more time outside. This alone has proven health benefits. But the pros of owning a patio extend beyond this. This investment will increase your property value and the overall look of your outdoor area. This can help you attract people interested in purchasing your home if you plan on placing it on the market. Patios provide additional space for entertaining guests too!

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Why should you hire someone to install a patio?

You might be asking yourself why you would hire a company for your patio needs. Most people think of patios, and a table and chairs, maybe with some decorative pillows, come to mind. Professional patios are much more than that, and they require proper installation for optimal safety! When you purchase patio materials or patio furniture from a retailer, they often do not consider your specific property or needs. They ring you up, deliver, and assemble it, if that’s part of your order, and drive off. Most of the time, they might not even put the pieces of your patio where you want them, and you are left to assemble your outdoor space. That to us is distasteful.

You are spending money on your property for a specific need. Whether that need only be beautification or leisure, it is still what you want. Our team believes in supporting you through the entire process. We offer our honest thoughts and opinions based on what we know and how we can help you. We are not just going to let you pick something that might not be right for your property just to make money. That is not what we stand for. We want to help you get results you love but also add value to your property. That is what we are all about here at Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction!

Why choose Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction?

There are many benefits to working with our reliable team! Some of them include:

  • We support our local community!
  • We take pride in our outstanding customer service!
  • Our workers are licensed and insured.
  • With us, your project will be stress-free!
  • We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • We offer free estimates!
  • We also offer discounts for active military and veterans!

We are grateful to work with the wonderful residents of Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, CA, and all their surrounding areas to provide premium patios.

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