What services do we offer for lawn care?

Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction offers all different kinds of services that fall under lawn care. Those services are:

  1. Mowing
  2. Blowing
  3. Trimming (Shrub Trimming as well)
  4. Edging
  5. Weed Control
  6. Fertilizing
  7. Irrigation Checks
  8. Seasonal Cleanups
  9. Plant Design
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Why are lawn care services important?

Consistent mowing keeps your grass healthy and even helps to deter pests from residing on your lawn. When your grass is healthy and strong, it also becomes less susceptible to disease. Applying fertilizer can restore much-needed nutrients to your soil to help this process along. Weeds can threaten your grass and plants’ health by stealing nutrients, sunlight, air, and water from them. Weed control can prevent this from happening. Your grass must also be hydrated properly to thrive. An irrigation system can ensure optimal watering. Finally, seasonal cleanups help fight lawn disease. Underneath leaves, mold, moisture, and pests could be lurking, so removing them is recommended. These services combined are required for your lawn to live its best life!

Why hire professionals?

As you can see, lawn care is a comprehensive term that covers a lot of necessary tasks. Now can you do some of these things on your own? Yes.
However, some of these services can be tricky. Choosing the right fertilizer and taking on weed control is not an easy task. You have to see what types of products are the right choice for your lawn, which products are not harmful to you and your family (including pets). Proper lawn care and maintenance are also very time-consuming. The average American spends over 200 hours completing lawn care and lawn maintenance tasks every year. If you do not have the time to dedicate to your lawn consistently, you won’t get the results you are looking for! If you make a mistake, you can also cause damage, which costs more time and money to repair. Hiring a competent team can prevent this stressful situation.

Why choose Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction?

Once you get to know our dedicated and professional team, you will know you made the best choice for your lawn. Here are some additional reasons why you should rely on us for your lawn care needs:

  1. We are a locally owned business that believes in supporting the community!
  2. We provide superior customer service!
    Our team is detail-oriented.
  3. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!
  4. Our licensed and insured team is passionate about our work!
  5. We offer free estimates!
  6. We also offer discounts for active military and veterans!

When professionals assist with your lawn care and lawn maintenance, the results are noticeable! We proudly offer lawn care and lawn maintenance services to the residents of Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, CA, and all their surrounding areas.

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