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What services are under the umbrella of landscaping?

At Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction, we offer various services that fall under the landscaping title. These include:

  1. Sod Installation.
  2. Irrigation.
  3. Mulching.
  4. Plant Installation.
  5. Tree Planting.

These are extremely daunting tasks and can be challenging projects to do on your own. Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction offers these as stand-alone services in some cases, but we prefer to combine them to get the optimal results for your landscape!

How can landscaping benefit your property?

Services such as plant installation and tree planting can add color and make your landscape more dynamic. Mulch also adds color, texture, and function! When applied correctly, it protects your soil from weeds, loss of moisture, harsh weather, and more, ultimately helping your plants to thrive. When these services are combined, the results speak for themselves and serve to increase your property value.

When it comes to irrigation, the right system can help your landscape to flourish while adding convenience to your life. We prefer to install drip irrigation systems whenever possible, but we also handle sprinkler systems and valve repairs or maintenance. Here at Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction, we believe that drip irrigation is the best choice since it provides you with drought-tolerant landscaping, especially in the California sun. It is essential to keep your landscape thriving during the hot days in Cali.

Slope style curbing

Why hire the professionals?

Irrigation services are not something we recommend doing yourself. Yes, you can go out and purchase a sprinkler system for your landscape. However, there are many faults to a sprinkler system. When taking care of your plant life, many factors come into play. Where and when should you plant trees and plants so that they can grow properly? Will they be used for privacy or beautification? Placement matters! Sod installations and mulching can be back-breaking work with minor details that can not be missed, or issues can arise. You must take all this into account when planning for your property.

Some landscaping projects can be DIY projects if you have the time. But remember that you must be familiar with the work, or you may mistakes that cause damage and cost more money to repair. It can be difficult to find the slots in your schedule to complete the work. When you hire experts, you get back time for yourself and are guaranteed great results. 

Ruff & Ready Lawn Care

Why Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction?

Here at Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction, we feel that once you get to know us, whether, by phone, Facebook, or in person, you will know you made the right choice for your landscape. Here are some additional reasons why we are the right choice for you:

  • We are a California family-owned and operated business!
  • We offer outstanding customer service!
  • We value your business and take nothing for granted!
  • Our licensed and insured team pays close attention to the details.
  • We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Our passion and pride for the business and our customers make us stand out from other companies.
  • We offer all our potential customers free estimates along with discounts for active military and veterans!
  • Once we complete a full landscape project, we will do the first cut on your brand new sod and provide a free maintenance visit with your new landscape install!

We are honored to offer landscaping and other outdoor solutions to the great communities of Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, CA, and all their neighboring areas.
So if your job is too tuff, call Ruff for a free estimate today!

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