What irrigation services do we offer?

At Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction, we offer comprehensive solutions for your irrigation problems. We offer installation, maintenance, and repairs for drip irrigation, sprinklers, and valves. You can combine these services with other landscaping options too!

An irrigation system helps your lawn and landscape to thrive. As a result, it can increase your property value too! It is essential to keep your landscape hydrated during the hot months here in California. Here at Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction, we often recommend drip irrigation. A properly functioning drip irrigation system entails irrigation timers, drainage, dry river beds, and drought-tolerant landscaping to create a near-perfect watering system. Sprinkler valves are also used in this process. It allows you the chance to make sure your landscape is hydrated, even if you are on vacation. Besides adding convenience, a drip irrigation system can conserve water because the plants get exactly what they need and nothing more. This ultimately cuts your water costs.

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Why hire a professional team for irrigation?

Irrigation installations and repairs are not something we recommend doing on your own. Yes, you can purchase a sprinkler system for your landscape. However, many issues often arise with a basic sprinkler system. When taking care of a landscape, many factors come into play. You have to consider the time of day to water. You have to make sure you do not over-water or under-water your landscape to keep it healthy and not risk disease. An irrigation system takes care of all those duties and frees up your time. However, if it is not properly installed, the damage can be catastrophic!

Why Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction?

We feel that once you get to know us, you will know you made the right choice for your property. Other benefits of working with us include:

  • We are a Californian locally family-owned and operated business. We love supporting our community!
  • We have exceptional customer service!
  • Our workers are licensed, insured, and detail-oriented!
  • We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will do everything we can to make sure you love the results.
  • Our commitment and integrity set us apart from our competitors.
  • We offer all potential customers free estimates on any or all projects!
  • We also offer active military and veteran discounts!
  • Once we complete a full landscape project, we will do the first cut on your brand new sod and provide a free maintenance visit with your new landscape install! (We mention this because many clients get irrigation services with their landscaping.)

Irrigation services need to be done right and by professionals. Here at Ruff and Ready Landscape Construction, we are the right set of professionals for you. We are proud to provide our irrigation Services and a range of other landscaping and hardscaping solutions to the great people of Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, CA, and all their neighboring areas.

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